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Vision Matric Hr. Sec. School’s motto is to impart a highly valuable education through latest method to the young minds and to mold an all round personality to meet the challenges of the present day competitive world.


To create a student of highly behavioral with good moral standard, perfection, try to find something, explore ideas, innovation, achievements, keep moving. In future, they will become a Noble Man.


“To continue to be pioneers of changing using cutting edge educational inputs and technology, providing equal opportunities to all and inculcating social and moral values that will transform society and the nation at large”



  Vision serves the needs of pupils and their families from a wide range of        backgrounds.
  We work to ensure equality of opportunities regardless of economic        circumstances, culture, gender, or disability.
  We value and celebrate our cultural diversity and have a zero tolerance        policy with regards to any form of racism.


  Create an environment where everyone feels safe, secure and        happy and where there is mutual respect.
  Provide opportunities for children and adults to actively engage in their        learning and enable them to achieve their full potential.
  Ensure access to a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum that        celebrates diversity and supports children’s spiritual, moral, social and        cultural development.
  Enable children to be confident and independent learners with high        self – esteem.
  Inspire and motivate children to continue learning throughout their lives.
  Develop children’s ability to recognize their emotions, look after their        own behaviour and consider its impact on those around them.
  Promote healthy lifestyles to enable children to make informed choices.
  Have good communication links with parents and be actively involved in        the wider community.
  Excellence, innovation and risk-taking.
  Committed to providing safe and caring places for all students to learn
  Our purpose is to prepare, engage and inspire our students to be        their best
  A caring and compassionate organization – guided by what’s in the best        interest of our students.






Dear Parents,

I warmly welcome you to Vision Matriculation Higher Secondary School and hope that you and your family will be joining us in the near future.
This prospectus is provided to give you the basic information required to help you make an informed decision about whether Vision Matriculation Higher Secondary School is the best school for your child.
Vision is a happy and caring community school that works to ensure every child reaches their full potential. It is a place where everyone values, respects, supports and helps one another.
Our aim is to provide a rich and stimulating environment for your child to promote learning, initiative, self-discipline and responsibility both within school and the wider community.
We encourage you to take an active part in school life and work in partnership with s to achieve shared goals. Your first line of contact will be with your child’s class teacher but I, as the Head teacher, will always find time for you if you wish to discuss problems or unresolved difficulties.
I look forward to work with you.

Mr. D.Sivakumar M.Sc. B.Ed


  Teachers always attempt to help children with any issues.
  Teachers are very committed to the children.
  The school cares for the emotional well being of the child as well as the         academic.
  They feel happy, excited and proud to say that their children’s spoken         skill is much better that she could converse in English for nearly half         an hour.
  The School has a good infrastructure, so big and spacious.